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office chair

Eight hours a day. One spends one third of his time in a chair. So you need a comfortable chair

This highly adjustable ergonomic office chair is widely used in European countries, North America, the Middle East, Asia and other countries, especially in Russia, Canada, India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Britain and the Philippines

Chair advantages:

1. This chair is ergonomically designed with adjustable back. It can correct your sitting posture, which is good for your waist health.

2. The height and angle of the headrest can be adjusted to protect your neck in a comfortable state.

3. The chair can rotate and move smoothly with 360 ° orientation to adjust and relax your muscles.

4. The single position locking function can lock the seat height, and the superior air pressure rod is used for durability and flexibility.

5. The seat is covered with high-density foam+fabric. Good elasticity and relieving hip pressure, soft and not easy to deform. Mesh fabric is used for ventilation and care.

6.350 aluminum base, certified by BIFMA, solid and durable.

7. Smooth base and casters, stainless steel and nylon base, PU nylon casters.

PU nylon casters do not scratch the floor and have low noise. It has been strictly tested to meet high quality requirements.

office chair (1) office chair (2) office chair (3) office chair (4) office chair (5)

Installation method:

1. Fix the backrest with screws.

2. Fix the armrest to the seat

3. Assembled upper alignment sleeve of chair

4. Place the bar in the middle hole of the football

5. Press the wheel into the chair foot


Low back employee computer desk office chair The office chair uses ergonomic principles to design the cushion and back to conform to the body curve of sitting posture and habits and provide comfortable support and riding experience. For different people, we have shown originality in the structure, function, comfort, material and color of office chairs. For example, in the ergonomic design of office chairs, we adjust the stress angle of the neck and back to alleviate the fatigue of the shoulders and neck after sitting for a long time. Based on the humanized concept of ergonomics, each office chair perfectly combines chrome metal materials and nylon, and is the most popular environmental health chair in family, entertainment and office work. Product details, encrypted breathable mesh, no need to worry about muggy. The mesh is easy to clean and take care of, with good breathability, strong support and tear resistance. Six intimate designs: bionic chair back, elastic support, space improvement, breathable backrest, safe and stable, comfortable adjustment. Ergonomic backrest: Relaxed and comfortable, designed for the bending of the back spine, in line with the human structure, greatly reducing the discomfort of the spine caused by sedentary sitting. It has strong carrying capacity, and is more comfortable without tiring after sitting. Flexible castors, thickened materials, strong bearing capacity. Curved track: anti-skid and durable. The height can be adjusted freely to meet different requirements. Air lift cylinder: control the quality from the source.

Post time: Nov-25-2022