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Spring Racing Carnival Theming Ideas and Inspiration!

Spring racing season is the perfect opportunity to dress up and enjoy the buzzing atmosphere of a trackside event! From Derby Day to Ladies Day and the Melbourne Cup, there are plenty of opportunities to host a spectacular spring racing celebration.

Whether you’re planning a corporate function at your office, a venue or in prime position at the racecourse, our beautiful range of furniture and decor can help you transform your event. So pop the champagne, and check out our favourite theming ideas and styling tips for the 2022 spring racing carnival below!

Create Comfortable Seating Areas
Cocktail set-ups are ideal for a relaxed spring racing event. We recommend using a mix of both high and low seating options to keep your guests comfortable. This will also add some variety and interest to the space.

You can create multiple break-out areas using our range of lounge packages, ottomans, high bars and stools and cafe tables and chairs. For larger groups of guests, consider adding some of our dining tables and chairs, or bench seats for a more relaxed feel.

If your event is taking place outdoors, don’t forget to add shade with some market umbrellas scattered throughout the space. Our white picket fencing can also be used to frame your space and create an authentic spring racing atmosphere!


Post time: Oct-10-2022