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Do you know how to choose a good chair furniture supplier?

1. over 15 years of export and production experience
We have a factory with over 5000 square meters and over 100 employees.

2.Since 2022, we have exported 500 containers to 75 countries.
Many domestically made lines may cost more but have custom capabilities that most imported products do not. We offer customization in colors and size for indoor and outdoor seating and dining collections.


3.Environmental Product Lines
Our products have undergone BPA and CE certification.We offer many green product lines with SFC and FSC certifications. Our design consultants are very knowledgeable about our vast array of products to help you find what best suits your needs.

4.OEM and ODM service
We support customization according to customer needs.We also focus on design. Many great designs don’t function or sit well and are not made to be enjoyed for years. we search for great looks that can offer lasting comfort.

5.one stop service
Our products have a variety of styles, including living room furniture, dining room furniture, office furniture, bedroom chairs, commercial hotel chairs, outdoor chairs, and other leisure and entertainment furniture.

6.Our Focus and Philosophy
Our philosophy has always been to provide great service and the best products for lasting value. We focus on quality and offer products from manufacturers that build things to last. Then, we consider comfort. Since comfort is a personal thing, we offer a range of sizes in many chairs so you may find the one that suits you the best. Many styles come in 3 sizes so that you can have a pair in the same collection in different sizes.


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Post time: May-11-2023