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How to check the quality of stackable pp plastic dining chairs?

After receiving the goods, please check whether the outer box of the plastic chair is complete. This plastic chair is 5 pieces per box.

Disassembling the outer box tape, we can see 5pcs dining plastic chairs stacked together.

There will be plastic buckles on the legs to prevent the chair feet from puncturing the carton.


Taking out the chairs, we can see that each plastic chair is packed in a bubble bag, which protects the surface of the chair to the greatest extent and prevents bumps and scratches.


Each box has free extra parts, some pcs spare plastic feet.


Then you can check the surface, the level, the load-bearing capacity of the chair.

200kg (450lbs) is no problem.

Place the plastic chair on a glass or smooth surface without shaking and stable.

Stacking plastic chair, 10-20pcs, save space.



stacking plastic chairs

Post time: Aug-19-2022