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The adjustable height Ergonomic swivel office chair is your best choice.

YOU’VE PROBABLY GIVEN more thought to the mattress you sleep on than the chair you sit on. That’s fine! Sleep is extremely important. But if you spend several hours—more than eight, if you’re like me—at your desk, it’s a good idea to give the humble chair more attention. Finding the best office chair is not just about finding a comfortable seat. The right materials can whisk away body heat, and adjustability options can tailor the chair to your body. We’ve spent the past two years sitting on more than 40 office chairs, and these are our favorites.

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 A good chair often means one that offers a variety of adjustments. The Ergonomic Chair fits this criterion. It’s surprisingly easy to assemble in minutes (the instructions are great), and there are tons of little tweaks you can make to dial it the fit. You can push the armrest back and forward, up and down; the seat can extend out or be pushed all the way in; you can lock the recline. There’s even adjustable lumbar support. The chair does all this while managing to look sleek, without an outlandish price. (There’s no headrest, but you can pay to add one.)dfh (1)


It doesn’t keep my back as upright as I’d like, but the double-woven nylon mesh backrest feels nice to lean against. The seat is made of high-density foam—it’s firm yet comfy—and it doesn’t trap heat as much as other foam seats I’ve tried. It’s a great chair for a variety of body sizes;It reclines, has a breathable mesh fabric on the back and seat, and it’s sturdy. You even get a headrest and lumbar support.

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It is widely used in home offices, study rooms, bedrooms, and offices.

Post time: May-26-2023