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Welcome to the dining chair production workshop

Let's look at the production process of tulip dining chairs.The tulip dining chair adopts integrated molding technology. 
The first step is to inject raw materials--high-quality PP materials.   
and the second step is to integrate the chair seat and backrest through a mold in the machine.
The third step is cooling stereotypes. The newly baked chair passes through the cold pool and begins to shape gradually.
At last, Assemble the solid wooden legs and the entire chair is completed.
Our factory has an area of 5000 square meters and has over 10 production lines.welcome to our factory.

This tulip dining chair is lightweight and durable, with a low price and beautiful appearance. These contemporary accent chairs is made from durable molded plastic and wooden legs.The upholstered with PU and sponge cushion on the sitting side, think of them as adding cushions to the original plastic shell chairs with soft wooden upholstery, contribute to a more comfortable seating.It's wooden legs help this compact chair support up to 265 lbs.It‘s stable and can protect your floors from scratching and scuffs.Whether it's in the dining room, living room, kitchen, or bedroom at home, it will be your favorite partner. And it is also widely loved in restaurants cafeand coffee shops.


Post time: May-04-2023