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Why are Chiavari chairs so popular at weddings, banquets, parties and other events?

Why are Chiavari chairs so popular at weddings, banquets, parties and other events? When we get married, we are very happy. We will invite friends and relatives to our wedding.

This Chiavari Chair will complement any elegant banquet, ballroom or wedding event while providing durable seating for guests. The resin frame on these ballroom chairs features a no screw, one-piece, full round spindle design along with a reinforced steel core construction, which is much stronger than average mono-block cores, adding structural integrity to each chair. Often used as a wedding chair, these Chiavari Chairs stack 8 high for convenient storage & transport. Chiavari chair is an excellent choice for: Wedding, Banquet, Ballroom, Convention, Church, Country Club, Hotel, Formal Event Planner, Restaurant, Catering, Rental Company, etc.


Because the area where the chairs are located can directly extend the range of decoration from the stage - T stage - the auxiliary stage to the area where the guests are located, which makes the integrity better, the style more unified, and the sense of integration of the guests stronger. Therefore, the collocation of chairs in the whole banquet area determines the tone of the whole wedding, both in detail and in the whole, and the quality of the wedding can also be improved instantaneously when taking a group photo.

The decorative arrangement of the back of the outdoor wedding Chiavari chair fully displays the noble and elegant atmosphere of the European wedding design, which makes us feel the uniqueness and characteristics of the European wedding. The white theme style design makes the whole venue full of a relatively fresh and pure romantic atmosphere, which is the witness of the romantic love of the bride and groom, and the best blessing of their pure love, The seats in the whole venue form a sharp contrast with the lawn, which makes us feel their unique charm and style design.


The layout of the wedding site is also very exquisite, and the wedding site will generally have flowers. The flowers are arranged harmoniously on the Chiavari chairs. In the wedding, the color matching of the chair back flower should be coordinated with the main color matching of the wedding banquet venue. There are many hotel dining chair covers that are white, which is better for decoration. It would be nice to use some flowers that can be seen often. They are very beautiful.

Generally, different flowers can be arranged on the back of the chair according to the different guests, and the use of different flowers on the back of the chair will add interest, which will make the guests more interesting when looking for seats. For example, lilies can be used in the guest area, while phalaenopsis can be used in the friend area. In this way, it is also easy for guests to find their seats after leaving their seats.

Features of resin chiavari movable chair and wedding chair:

1 Friendly to the environment. Metallic materials. 100% fully recyclable.
2. It is resistant to high temperature and ultraviolet rays, and can prevent fading and discoloration.
3 100% waterproof and fireproof.
4 Low temperature resistance. It can usually be used between minus 60 degrees and minus 120 degrees.
5 High impact strength. Solid and durable.


Post time: Mar-04-2023