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Welcome to our showroom and fabric warehouse

We have a display room with three or four chairs, covering an area of over 4000 square meters... We have a complete range of chair styles. And each style comes in multiple sizes to meet your different needs.
Our fabrics are generally divided into: velvet, Baijia cloth, PU, leather, technology cloth, corduroy, etc. The fabric is soft and comfortable, sturdy and durable. Our fabric does not fade or pilling. Easy to clean and manage. The colors are complete and beautiful.

Hebei Haosi Furniture Sales Co., Ltd. has total assets of 10 million USD and a land area of 10,000 Square Metres.We have more than 100 employees. Hebei Haosi Furniture Sales Co., Ltd is a furniture brand company integrating design, Sale ,export and service, which is in a professional position in the export industry of outdoor and indoor furniture.Bazhou Haosi is our Factory and area of 10000 square, Bazhou Haosi specialized in modern furniture, Dining chairs, office chairs, living room chairs, fabric chairs, plastic chairs, Sofa chairs, Luxury PU or leather chairs, hotel chairs,Bar stool and restaurant chairs, Garden chairs ,dining table and table sets. We have simple style, Nordic style, European style and American style furniture, And widely loved by customers all over the world. Our factory has six production lines, We have professional production equipment and production personnel, we have many years of production experience.


Post time: Apr-14-2023